District Institute of Education and Training (DIET)Barpeta, Howly is the only premier and nodal institution in the entire district of Barpeta responsible for providing academic and resource support towards universalization of elementary education through qualitative improvement of the education scenario of the district. Located at Howly, a prime place of the district with convenient transport and communication facilities, 12 kms from the district Headquarter town of Barpeta, was established by the Assam government in 1994 as per recommendation of the National Policy of Education (NPE), 1986. Though the DIET’s own building was constructed at a plot of land adjacent to the Basic Training Centre (BTC), Howly, the functioning of the institute had to be shifted to the present premises as per instruction of the government.Presently DIET, Barpeta, Howly has been functioning since 2003 at the two blocks of the Govt. Normal School, Howly as per government’s order, Vide No. PMA/SSA/11/2002/pt. dated Guwahati the 20th January, 2003. One block has been used as the office and classrooms and the other one as the hostel for trainees. The present DIET campus is located at a plot of land measuring about 30 bighas. Since its inception, DIET, Barpeta, Howly has been providing great contribution towards implementation of various educational programmes and related schemes undertaken by the government, DPEP, SSA, RMSA and other concerned authorities as per guidelines of the government. Various In-service Teacher Education programmes as well as PSTE courses (D.El.Ed courses) and CPE (IGNOU) courses are being successfully conducted by the DIET, Apart from its own programmes, both in house and extension services, the institute deserves to be the main hub of all academic programmes of the district including training, workshop and orientation programmes organized by the aforesaid organizations. This DIET has been accorded recognition by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) in 1998, Vide NCTE letter No. F.No. AS-E/E-1/96/5556 dated 6-3-98 with an intake capacity of 100 at the first phase and 60 each at the second and third phases of recognition.

A Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) for DIET, Barpeta, Howly with the Deputy Commissioner of Barpeta District as the Chairman has been constituted as per government guidelines and the Government of Assam has formally notified the same. Apart from the three wings – Administrative, Establishment and Academic – the main constituents of the DIET are the seven branches as specified below:

(1) Pre Service Teacher Education (PSTE) (2) In-service Field Interaction and Co-ordination (IFIC) (3) Planning and Management (PM) (4) Education Technology (ET) (5) Curriculum, Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE) (6) Work Educating (WE) (7) District Resource Unit (DRU)


THE GUIDING PRINCIPLESThe following guiding principles are the mainstay in formulating the vision of the DIET in the context of its role and function in the process of universalization of quality education in the district: (1)Facilities for various Pre-service and In-service Teacher Education Programmes. (2)Scope for different issue based Research studies and Action Researches to help practicing teachers and planners in the education system. (3)Providing support to Primary/Upper Primary/Secondary teachers to adopt innovative classroom practices. (4) Developing trainer Manuals for various field level workers in addressing Social concerns like Crisis and Disaster Management, Gender Sensitivity, etc. (5) Designing manual for School Heads, teachers, VEC, SMC, etc. in Educational Planning and management (6) Academic and resource support and supervision and monitoring of schools, training, Evaluation and Studies and research works

Aiming at achieving the goal of continuous professional development of teachers and improvement of schools in the district, DIET, Barpeta, Howly has visualized the following operational agenda with its existing background