THE KEY ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMMES: As envisaged in the AWP of DIET Barpeta, Howly the following activities have been outlined as per guidelines based on NCF, 2005, NCFTE, 2009 and RTE Act, 2009:

Core Academic Activities:

(i) Pre-Service Teacher Education (Elementary). (ii) In-Service Teacher Education (Elementary and Secondary) (iii)Designing interventions for direct support to schools and work with special groups in the District (iv) Studies on status of education, education assessment, and documentation. (v) Annual academic plan and periodic reviews, for the district, in consultation with various related organizations and stakeholders. (vi) Running an effective Resource Centre with outreach facilities to all stakeholders. (vii) Short term training programme for the U.P. and L.P teachers. In addition to these activities the DIET also engaged in various programmes and functions provided by the government, SSA, RMSA etc. The faculties are also involved in textbook preparation under SCERT, Assam.