The DIET BARPETA offers the Curriculum aspects are as follows :

2years Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) Course

Curriculum: Semester – I, Semester – II, Semester – III, Semester –IV. :

Curricular Areas: (A) Child Studies: Two Courses- i). Childhood and the Development of Children ii). Cognition Learning and Socio-cultural context

(B) Educational studies: Four Courses- i). Educational Society, Curriculum and Learning ii). Towards understanding the self iii). Teacher identity and School culture iv). School culture, Leadership and change. ( C) Contemporary studies: Two Courses- i). Contemporary Indian Society with special reference to Assam. ii). Diversity, Gender and Inclusive Education. (D). Curriculum and Pedagogic studies: Five Courses- i) Understanding Languages and Early Literacy. ii). Proficiency in English. iii). Pedagogy across the curriculum iv). Pedagogy of Environmental Studies. v). Mathematics education for the primary school child. (E) Optional Pedagogy Courses: Two from Five Courses- (For LP: MIL & English) For UP: Either Social Science & English OR Social Science & MIL OR Science And Mathematics or English & MIL.) i) Teaching of Social Science. ii). Teaching of Science. iii). Teaching of Mathematics. iv). Teaching of MIL. v). Teaching of English (F) Practicum: I). Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education ii) Children’s Physical and Emotional Health. School Health and Education. iii). Work and Education. (G) School Internship: Grand Total Marks for four Semesters (I. II. III. IV) = 1800


Academic & Administrative: At present two blocks of old Assam type building of HNS are under the occupation of DIET, Barpeta, Howly which was constructed in 1957. This includes Administrative, Academic & Library. One block is used as Hostel* for the trainees. There is a play ground o side the building campus for use of various sports activities of the institution. The Library comprises about 4,400 number of books of various subjects.:

  P.S.T.E Training: Year 2000-02 2001-03 2012-2014 2013-1015
1. No. of trainees 20 30 30 100
2. Duration 2 yrs 2 yrs 2 yrs 2 yrs

I.S.T.E Training:

The DIET, Barpeta, Howly has been organizing In-service training for teachers of L.P & U.P schools from time to time as per instruction of the Govt. for six months, 9 months,1-yr & 2-yrs batch wise.In addition to these training the DIET also organize various short term training programme workshop etc. The DIET faculties are engaged in various activities e.g. Text book preparation, Evaluation work etc. under SCERT, Asasam.*The infrastructure facility of the Hostel needs major repairing & renovation at present.